Corporate Advisory & Structuring

As a private enterprise managed by former investment bankers, REYL & Cie is closely associated with entrepreneurship and corporate advisory. REYL & Cie is fully aware that the needs of its entrepreneurial clients go far beyond the scope of traditional Wealth Management services. In order to address these needs and provide them with innovative solutions, REYL & Cie has developed since 2012 a full range of investment banking services, focusing on long-term corporate value creation for entrepreneurial clients.

Devising innovative solutions for entrepreneurs and their businesses

REYL & Cie’s Corporate Advisory & Structuring (“CAS”) team is composed of seasoned investment banking professionals. Being fully integrated within the REYL Group, they are able to work across sectors and jurisdictions to offer objective corporate finance and institutional solutions to entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Being independent and without conflicts, REYL & Cie acts for clients indifferently on the buy-side and on the sell-side. The CAS team operates at the heart of the auction process, prepares the sell-side documentation, gives impartial and objective advice about the comparable merits of received bids, and participates in negotiations. It also advises prospective buyers in identifying potential targets, leads the financial due diligence exercise assists in negotiations and secures acquisition financing.


REYL & Cie provides innovative solutions for the restructuring of existing debt and equity capital in the context of out-of-court transactions. The CAS team implements defensive strategies aiming at keeping businesses shielded from aggressive creditors while implementing a financial and industrial restructuring.

Private Debt

REYL & Cie advises entrepreneurs on cost-efficient fund raising through private debt issuance. The CAS team structures, arranges and leads private placements of loans and bond issues, relying on its wide distribution network of credit-oriented alternative asset managers, direct-lending funds and family offices.

Structured Finance

REYL & Cie executes structured finance transactions, including securitisations, and advises its clients on alternatives to plain vanilla funding options. The CAS team leverages on its long standing experience, market access and execution expertise as well as its placement capabilities with a wide variety of investors including institutional real money accounts. Securitisation transactions include commodity offtakes, infrastructure or other long dated well-rated cash flows, recharacterised or re-packaged as appropriate.

Private Equity / Special Situations

REYL & Cie identifies growth-oriented businesses with high quality management teams and assists them in their capital raising efforts. The CAS team advises companies in growing their core activities, initiating new businesses and making targeted acquisitions to support their long-term strategy.

Art Financing

Through GRIFFIN ART PARTNERS, a securitisation platform established as a partnership with Link Management, a Luxembourg-based company specialised in high-end advisory services in relation to art, REYL & Cie offers highly innovative and performing art financing solutions to collectors, gallery owners and other art professionals. 
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Sectors in Focus

  • Hospitality & Real Estate
  • Media & Telecom
  • Luxury
  • Commodities
  • Healthcare
  • Art

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