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RAM Active Investments is an innovative fund manager which has won numerous awards since its creation in 2007. It offers institutional investors a range of actively managed equities and fixed income products based on highly disciplined investment processes and targeting high risk-adjusted returns. Since February 2018, RAM Active Investments has become an affiliate of Mediobanca S.p.A., with REYL Group retaining a meaningful equity participation.

Innovative strategies

RAM Active Investments’ equity strategies, delivered through a range of directional and alternative funds, are based on a systematic fundamental methodology applied to a broad universe of shares. Fixed-income strategies rely on tactical investment methodologies applied to a range of directional and de-correlated products.

Systematic approach applied to the equity investment universe

RAM Active Investments managers seek to achieve consistent long-term alpha-generation across business cycles. Investment strategies draw on objective fundamental analysis using a disciplined approach, capitalising on market fragmentation.  Through this approach, investment opportunities resulting from market inefficiencies linked to investors’ behaviour can be seized upon.

Tactical approach applied to the fixed-income investment universe

In order to better guide its clients through the current unprecedented interest-rate environment and volatile market conditions, RAM Active Investments has enhanced its tactical discretionary investment management by implementing innovative and disciplined approaches aimed at developing flexible and performant investment processes. RAM Active Investments now proposes niche investment strategies across the entire fixed-income spectrum, seeking to capitalise on asymmetric opportunities and delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.


  • Actively Managed Systematic Equity Strategies
  • Tactical Fixed Income Strategies
  • UCITS Funds
  • Alternative Funds
  • Institutional Mandates

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